Saturday, August 27, 2011

United Opt Out National: Our First Action

Our first action has been posted at our Facebook group page OPT OUT OF THE STATE TEST:  The National Movement.  Join us there for support in completing the action - we have fellow writers available and support docs to boot!  While we will continue to gather information per state on opting out, make no mistake - we are not just a depository for information - we are a launch pad for action - weekly consistent action that will make it clear that we are DONE.  We are done with corporate ed. reform eating our schools alive.  We WILL spread the word. We WILL make OPTING OUT the name of the game.  Our new website is in the works UNITED OPT OUT NATIONAL

Here is our first action posted on our Facebook group page.  A new action will be posted every Saturday. 
Good morning everyone! Is your coffee in hand? Your fingers nimble and ready to type? I hope so – because today we launch our first action. Our first action will be to write op-ed pieces on WHY someone should opt out of the state test.

An op-ed is an opinion piece offering an alternate view. As we know, the current view on testing is push the test….love the test…hooray for the test…we need the test.

We represent a different view – we want to opt out of the test in order to return a whole and equitable public education to America’s children.

Check out our Op-Ed supports document. Morna has created a flyer which offers key points to discuss why someone would opt out. I have also listed Shaun's op-ed - if there are more good examples post them on the comments in this strand of conversation. Morna has also created a template for anyone who would like a jumpstart.

We would like to submit these op-eds to our local newspapers no later than September 1st at 9 p.m. eastern time. Be sure to mention our website in your piece.

If your piece is not accepted, then post it online or send it to us and we will post if for you! Alright everybody - take action!!!

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  1. I am elated to see this first action step in what I hope will be a full-fledged all-out campaign by parents, students, and educators to put education and the public back into public schooling. As former Commissioner of Education in Rhode Island, Peter McWalters, noted several years ago, when parents and teachers start speaking with a united voice, politicians have no choice but to listen.

    That is happening today as you lead this effort, and I am confident that it will spread, particularly as teachers and parents and grandparents all agree that child advocacy for healthy children must constitute the core of our educational concerns.

    As education historian,David Tyack, has said, children are about 20 percent of our population, but they are 100 percent of our future. In this time of impending environmental disaster and economic upheaval, we must prepare our children for the real test of living and thriving in a world of multiple challenges that require our best and deepest understanding of where we have been and where we are going.

    Thank you for your efforts, one and all.