Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Support Occupy Denver

This weekend I went to Occupy Denver and spoke at the rally and shared the truth about corporate education reform.  I was thanked by complete strangers and was asked by one of the organizers of Occupy Denver to please come back every Saturday and speak again.

A CBS reporter asked me why I was there.  I said I was there to demand an end to corporate education reform in our public schools.  She said somewhat condescendingly – But this is about Wall Street. What does that have to do with Occupy Wall Street?  I said, somewhat frustrated, EVERYTHING.  It’s the same thing, I said, as I explained the corporate ed. reform occurring in Denver.  Occupy Wall Street is indeed representative of the corporate takeover of our public schools.  Of course my clip was cut from the news broadcast.

I am tired of hearing people say, those at the Occupy movements need to get a cohesive message – they HAVE one.  End corporate greed and reclaim our right to a democracy through various means.  I am tired of hearing people complain about their demands – why complain?  Why not offer support in writing them?

Why not offer support in writing those demands before some corporate education reformer tries to add demands that are disguised as supporting public schools? You know what I mean – demands that talk about parent choice or parental rights – but really mean – support charter schools – support vouchers – THOSE demands.

We need to offer our support to the occupy movements.  Offer to teach a class on ending the privatization of our public schools – that’s what I’m doing for Occupy Denver.  Speak at the weekend rallies – share the best kept secret – opting out of the state test will put a screeching halt to corporate education reform - and then we can preserve and improve our public schools. Pass out flyers, brochures, post on Occupy Facebook pages and let it be known that WE have the power to make these changes. 

If an entire district, entire state opted out of the state test – we’d move mountains.  This is the message I shared at Occupy Denver, where I met the most amazing people who all stood together to reclaim Democracy.

And now I’m going to share more through the classes I teach.  I’m going to share everything – absolutely everything I know about how to end corporate education reform and preserve and improve our public schools. I will talk incessantly.  I will pass out flyers.  I will twitter. I will speak at rallies.  I will support Occupy Denver.

Corporate ed. reformers are scared.  They should be.

Because I am the crazy chick out there posting on Facebook, twittering, talking, writing, making signs and flyers……. like a mad woman….as I spread the word about how to end the privatization of our public schools.  There are many more like me. I have an agenda.  And I know what the corporate reform agenda is and I’m not going to let it happen. And damn it, I will see this through to the end.  Join me.  Support your Occupy movement today. Save public schools for our children.

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