Monday, January 23, 2012

What Does Enrichment Look Like?

This is what enrichment looks like in today's schools.

Definition of enrichment - act of making fuller or more meaningful or rewarding.

Enrichment - simply another word - co-opted in the name of corporate education reform, while sacrificing our children who deserve true enrichment. The FCAT will not make a child's life fuller, more meaningful, or more rewarding.  What more can be said.


  1. Aaaaaaand, you inspired me to post this:

  2. This is sickening. I'm sure the kids are so excited!! 3 hours of test prep on a Saturday...Let's rewrite this letter to be more accurate...
    Dear Parents,
    We are sending this letter to inform you that we have come to the determination that your child may not be successful in passing the FCAT test this year. We really need your child to get additional preparation for this test. If your child does not pass it could put our school in jeopardy of receiving a failing grade and your child's teacher(s) could be rated ineffective. In order to make sure your child scores well, please register your child for our Saturday morning FCAT torture session. We are working hard to make sure your child passes that test!

  3. My school is doing a similar program after school for an hour until the math state test in late April. When I handed out the "invites" to the select group of kids in my homeroom, I could not help but laugh at the fact that my school would think that the 8 kids would even consider showing up for test prep after school.