Saturday, June 8, 2013

Get the Message Clear re: #commoncore #highstakestesting

The common core and high stakes testing must both go down. It cannot be one or the other. Very concerned that the message I hear today is asking for more time to implement the core, more time to make better tests, more time for teachers to get accustomed to the common core. This is not good enough for our children. This is exactly what the corp. ed. reformers want us to say. We have an opportunity to end this - but if we accept any part of their equation we lose. Our children lose. Do not believe - for one second - that the common core is manageable - it is developmentally inappropriate, it is not field-tested, and it is going to encourage lockstep curriculum in our most needy schools - and - if you think they will give you the CC without the HST think again. They need them both to privatize our public schools. We must get our message clear. Teachers know how to assess. We need autonomy. Students need voice. Children must be protected from poverty. We do not need corporations to write standards for us. We do not need corporations to write tests for us. We - teachers, students, and communities - must TAKE our schools back - they are OUR schools. We pay for them. We can create democratic schools - we must - as a society - provide all children a full and equitable education. Do not accept anything less. Very very concerned that many are accepting less than that. Our children deserve everything. They deserve no less than the children of the 1%. This is our window of opportunity. Leap through it. Refuse CC and HST. We have the power. We have the masses. Solidarity everyone.


  1. If you agree, wear red for Ed every Tuesday to show your feelings towards HST and CC and all the rest of the crap that is infecting public education today. Be sure, too, to ask your colleagues to wear red also. Show your strength!

  2. As usual, Peggy is right. They won't allow the core without the tests. The whole point of the core is the tests. That's where the money is.

    Inspired by Yvonne Siu-Runyan, I have talked to a lot of "civilians" about the common core. My conclusion so far is that nobody knows much about it. The same seems to be true of educators.

  3. say it again for the cheap seats in the back: opt out

  4. Basically you want people to frame the issue - not play the game via the pre-framed issues served up by the Common Core hedge fund managers.
    You are so on the mark!
    People need to realize that the emperor has no Common Core clothes. Sewing buttons on nonexistent clothing is insane.

  5. Great Peggy.. I was looking for links on the Common Core for a Math Professor who is on our Board of Directors for Education Now!, and I found this today, and then one of the teachers I had asked to help me find links, sent me this.. The other wonderful this is seeing Steven Krashen's comment..