Sunday, October 13, 2013

One Parent at a Time

 This morning I sat in front of my computer determined - determined to answer every opt out question in my inbox - this is hard to accomplish because they just keep coming. But today I did it. At least until tomorrow morning or until I check my email again.

I answered questions from distraught parents, parents pleading for help for their child who had been held back or might be held back - even with good report card grades. I responded to parents who were angry - parents whose autistic children are forced to take the test. I helped parents whose children were being denied fine arts due to test scores.  I answered questions from parents with children in kindergarten - these young children are being required to take tests online - these children are frightened. I gave advice to parents whose children are vomiting before the test, parents whose children hate school due to the tests, parents whose children view themselves as failures after the test. I supported parents with children in elementary, middle school, and high school.

I answered teachers' questions: How do I opt my own child out? How do I opt my child out while keeping my job? How do I start a parent movement without attaching my name to it?

I spoke with teachers who asked that I don't use their name; I spoke with teachers who said please use my name.

I heard the stories of parents with children in virtual schools, charter schools, public schools and home schools. They want a revolution. They How do we start one in our community?

This is how - begin by telling your story - speak to the heads and the hearts of those around you.  Invite them over for coffee. Build a relationship. Help them see that your strength is their strength and together you are more powerful.  This is how we will win.