Saturday, September 26, 2015

This is NOT as Good as it Gets

I think what's really hard to stomach right now is that many children believe this is as good as it gets. Many don't know that they could receive more attention from teachers who have small class sizes. Many don't know that rooms plastered with data and standards ultimately mean nothing. Many don't know that their kindergarten classrooms should include blocks, painting, and kitchens (to name a few items). Many don't know that they deserve more recess. Many don't know that all these tests they take and all this test prep they do is actually a waste of time and robbing them of important learning time. Many don't know that the reason they feel wiggly is because they sit too long in their classrooms. Many don't know that they have a right to ALL of it - small class size, books, arts, librarians, counselors, nurses, REAL teachers, recess, play, portfolio assessment, delicious healthy lunches and more. Many don't know that they should have extracurricular activities AT their school FOR FREE. Many don't know that their learning should be planned and developed with their input. Many don't know that they've been targeted to serve the corporations in order to create a lot of profit for a few, by intentionally labeling these children as failures.

And I have to say, it's incredibly hard to face these children every day and smile and act like it's all going to be okay. This is not as good as it gets. And the silence is deafening. These are innocent children who have been thrown to the wolves. And they still show up every day, smiling, and being grateful for what they have, and I watch knowing that this is NOT as good as it gets. Not even close. The only way to stop this is an absolute uprising. The clock is ticking and this is probably what frustrates me the most. Politicians are okay with getting "a little" for kids when we know they deserve it all. Why do we stand by and allow this? Why? I am not okay with treating children this way. It's educational malpractice. And in some cases where no excuse models like KIPP exist to the fullest, it's absolutely criminal. Where is the uprising? ‪#‎revolt‬ ‪#‎optout‬


  1. I agree! We are personally dealing with the ramifications of this mess and am constantly thinking that they should be held accountable for the educational malpractice they did to my kids!

  2. And not one teacher I worked with would speak out. All the sheep went along (just say NO to confrontation): You MUST pass the test. You MUST follow Pearson. You MUST NOT be a "naysayer" or "negative". We have the Danielson model to keep you in check.