Saturday, October 24, 2015

No Victory

There is no victory here. Obama's administration suddenly does not care about our children. King doesn't suddenly care either. These folks and their corporate cronies have been pummeling our public schools for how many years now and suddenly - now suddenly - they are listening and here to save the day? NO. As Morna McDermott (UOO admin) says - the folks who have been destroying you suddenly do not come up with a solution to save you. NO. Do not fall for the latest "testing action plan" from the US Dept of Ed. Arne is gone and now King (CHARTER SCHOOL KING???) is going to make things right? HELL NO. Not happenin'. They plan to roll out testing that is competency based - tied to our curriculum - impossible to opt out of - online - seamless - with no end of year test necessary. No victory. None.

1 comment:

  1. I think Sen Bernie Sanders [for POTUS] iis your and our answer for Public Schools. He wants to make Collage free. [he listens]