Sunday, November 8, 2015

Competency = Sheeple: My comment on EdSurge

Learn anything anywhere, you say

Not so much. The learning you describe is clearly confined to the "efficiency" that comes with the pared-down learning found via online modules that must gather data ever so efficiently in order to meet the demands of the market - NOT the demands of learners. In essence, what you are describing is a dumbed-down education system that is void of real, authentic messy learning that comes with democratic thinking among children and teachers - a democratic curriculum that is derived by watching and observing children and determining how to best support them using their strengths and their passions. 

This sort of learning (via modules) ultimately creates sheeple - learning is directed by the modules - and the modules are directed by the corporations - who need a workforce that is obedient and compliant. Observing a child click and stare at a screen in no way supports a child emotionally, academically, socially and physically - and the child clicking away is typically missing out on developmentally appropriate learning experiences that demand much more than sitting quietly staring at a screen. 

Online modules are unable to replicate the human interaction and relationships that are necessary to support the development of problem-solving productive citizens. Online modules cannot replicate eye contact, conversation,and the learning that is derived via play, children hovering over a picture book together, children singing, kids developing rules for a game on the playground, students working on a poster board to plan their presentation for their science inquiry, and more. However, online modules gather a ton of data which can be used to create great profit for the corporations. #optout

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