Monday, December 28, 2015

Gaslighting & Turnaround Schools

I am currently working in a turnaround school.   A turnaround school is a public school that has been deemed "failing" by policy makers. The policy makers inflict draconian, fascist measures on such schools in an effort to turn them around - aka - increase test scores.  If they don't increase test scores they bring the hammer down harder by firing teachers, handing the school over to a charter, or closing the school, and so on. 

Turnaround schools are not failing. Rather, the truth is that the policies are the failures. The racist, classist, sexist policies are based on lies and false realities meant to create compliant worker bees who do as they are told to increase test scores, while ultimately allowing the corporate reformers to push forward other measures which increase profit, increase the privatization of our public schools, and finally, increase the power of the privileged. That's it in a nutshell. 

However, the factual process of turnaround in no way reveals to the public how this brutal takeover goes down.  How to articulate the process has been at the forefront of my mind for the last five months as I found myself thrown head first into this madness.  And indeed, it  is a madness like no other - a combination of insane asylum and prison. As I tried to articulate it to a dear friend of mine, she said, "Peggy, you are being gaslighted."  I had never heard the term gaslighting. I immediately began to read about it. I owe much gratitude to this friend who has given me a framework I can use to explain this process.

My point in writing this blog is to expose the turnaround process for what it can be (not all turnarounds are necessarily as I describe), and allow those in the midst of this to figure out how to move forward. This is not a feel good blog with a happy ending. Ultimately, I don't know how it will end for me, but I believe that the only way we will end the bigger picture of corporate education reform is through educating the public and educating ourselves so that together, we can form a plan of action to fight back. Gaslighting is designed to keep you in fight/flight mode - so it's important to step back, understand it, and think it through, in order to determine your next step.

Gaslighting is such an insane reality to live in that it becomes incredibly difficult to focus on anything else except the ability to get through the day- it is designed intentionally so.

So let's try to take a look at what's really happening.

The first stage of Gaslighting is described as disbelief.  Strange events, behaviors, and actions by others begin to occur. Perhaps you are told something that doesn't seem true to you or simply just sounds bizarre. Perhaps someone you trusted speaks to you in a manner that seems fake, or staged. 

In my case, the "disbelief" began with the supposed root cause of our turnaround status. 

We were told:  Students experienced lower-quality and less rigorous instruction that did not accelerate them to proficiency and beyond, because the CCSS was not used to guide instruction in all content areas.  

Now, for someone like myself,  who has spent hours upon hours researching and advocating for the end of corporate education reform this "root cause" at first, is quite laughable. We know that standards - good, bad, and ugly, in no way increase student achievement. Quite honestly, there's no correlation whatsoever between standards and student test scores. This has been clearly confirmed by looking at NAEP scores and the standards used in the various states. So, simply put, it's a lie.

And therein follows the disbelief. You are told a lie about this so-called turnaround status. And I can assure you that nationwide there is no root cause - in a school improvement plan housed on a department of education website - that will state the truth - the truth is clearly poverty and that has been confirmed as well.  But in this gut wrenching fast move to privatize our public schools it is necessary to lie and necessary to beat people into compliance in order to cash in quickly - using policies which gaslight educators who ultimately must carry out these actions of educational malpractice.

So, you sit in disbelief at these lies.  At first you think, okay, whatever, we can play this game. We'll continue to do right by children behind closed doors and the policy makers can go screw themselves. That's the first reaction.  At this point you still believe you have some autonomy and you think you might be able to reason with the powers that be in order to figure out a way to "tweak" this to make it doable.

But then, the gaslighting process continues. The policy makers have a strangle hold on our public schools, and they will find various ways to continue to push forward their measures in a turnaround school. Perhaps they will bring in an auditor who interviews (interrogates) each staff member in an attempt to expose weaknesses that might confirm the so-called root cause. Perhaps they will bring in district personnel to dig through your data and observe your classrooms nonstop in order to, once again, find confirmation that your root cause is true, valid and that ultimately - you, the educators, are to blame for your low test scores. Perhaps they will bring in consultants, books, videos, or additional training to lead you to see how embracing their root cause will fix your failure. There are many ways they might move forward as they gaslight you. In my school, we were enrolled in the Colorado Department of Education turnaround program.  We were labeled a Relay Leadership School and Relay indoctrination became the vehicle for our gaslighting.

If you are unfamiliar with Relay please read my blog here. Relay is a fake graduate school that was created to meet the needs of particular charter school chains who focus on no excuse models of discipline and teach to the test curriculum. Simply put, it's hell on earth for experienced teachers with actual teaching degrees, master's degrees, and years of teaching experience.  As a school that prided itself on our model of inquiry and democracy this was an insanely sharp turn to take.  

The false root cause was just setting the stage for the steps that followed.   We watched in awe as new vocabulary was introduced, new protocols for meetings were brought forward, new expectations around student behavior, new expectations around lesson plans, teaching, teacher evaluation and more surfaced. Ultimately, the reality we knew was gone.  We watched in disbelief.  We tried to shake it off like a wet dog and clarify who we were - what we stood for - but when you are not in a position of power it becomes extremely difficult to demand that your identity is acknowledged.  At this stage of gaslighting one becomes defensive  - it is here where you try to hold your ground - a bit of a last stand. 

During stage two - defense - you think that perhaps there is a way to reason through this situation. Perhaps honesty will help. Perhaps stating clearly how we know that our root cause is poverty and that there is no research to demonstrate that adhering to standards improves student achievement, perhaps, just perhaps - there will be a way to shift this back to what you know to be the true reality - a come-to-jesus meeting so to speak.  Let's just put it all out think.  

Or, perhaps, as a defense, you refuse to follow through with demands made on you - demands which are an attempt to make this reality become the norm. You might refuse to do test prep, post standards, or perhaps you simply refuse to participate in meetings where this bullshit is discussed. Perhaps you vocally state that you will not participate in book studies or processes which demand that you ignore what you know about pedagogy, child development, and ultimately, your students

You think that you might be able to reason with the gaslighters who push forward these measures, but policy makers do not care about children. They care about their policy, and this is when you realize that you stand alone - policy prevails - and it trickles down in the most toxic way - it pushes and prods and ultimately pounds - when necessary - to enforce this reality which does not exist.  You might at this point try to be a team player while still closing your door and attempting to do right by kids - you think you can work within the system in order to make the best of a horrid situation and protect the children by doing so - a careful and quiet defense. You participate in meetings, you try to make sense of the standards in a way that you can see how they might benefit your students. You smile in the hallways and you think this is doable - you can get through this - you can secretly do right by kids.

But the incredibly harsh and punitive measures keep coming.  They want more from you - absolute utter compliance to a system of standards, targets, success criteria, tight transitions, evaluation of worthless interim test data, pre-assessments, post-assessments, and more. It's never ending. They want to observe. At first the observations are scheduled. But soon they become pop-ins and then you are told that they/the policy makers  - could show up at anytime.  Your defensive mode is still on - but you are also feeling fearful - fearful of the unknown and confused by the pounding that comes faster and more frequently by the day. You never hear the word child uttered in any conversations related to the work you do.   You know that all of this is meaningless - this false reality is based on nothing - you know you're NOT crazy - standards, targets - all of this is based on a business model of education - a corporate fascist model designed to treat children and teachers as widgets - to be moved and manipulated as needed in order to get them to cough up numbers - data - data that can be used to create winners and losers.  There's no humanity here.  Just numbers. Just hard cold numbers that you must churn out with a militant nazi like step that makes you want to vomit in the bathroom on your lunch break.

As you give them the numbers, the data - you know that this is not what is best for children. You know that your attempts to play the game have failed miserably.  You don't believe in this game  and you are not a widget - you are a human being with a conscience and you care for the children in your classroom.  You simply can't be brainwashed - and  while you think you might be going crazy, your conversations with others makes it clear that none of you are going crazy, you are simply being gaslighted. You know you don't believe in creating compliant learners who parrot back targets and sit in rows and transition tightly with no student choice, no inquiry, no creativity and ultimately no democracy. You can't play the game - you simply can't do it. And you wonder, how can anyone do it?

Are we losing our humanity?

And that brings on the third stage, depression. As I have talked to teachers across the country over the last four years about the turnaround process, depression has been one of the most prominent feelings that teachers have discussed.  Teachers are in tears daily, antidepressants and other prescribed medications become necessary to cope and survive day by day in this punitive process. Teachers have anxiety attacks in the middle of the school day.  Teachers search for a quiet space somewhere in the building to make a quick call to a friend in order to get the fortitude to work through the next three hours rather than have an emotional collapse. Having the time and energy to take care of one's self becomes nonexistent.  I just can't do it you say to yourself - but you know you must. Every day you must get up and do it again.  Every day you imagine how you might escape - what other job could you do? But then, you love the kids, you don't want to leave, but  you can't figure out how you will survive much longer.  You sit in your car in the parking lot and try to pull it together for one. more. day. And you begin to wonder about the policy makers ultimate evil goals......are they attempting to push you out? They need compliant teachers who will believe it - and you know THEY know you are not compliant. Your mind is racing. And you wonder, who are these people who can believe these things? What has happened to humanity? 

A dear friend of mine and teacher, Tanis Humes, who recently left my school due to our turnaround nightmare, described it like this:

Teacher burn out is real. It happens. All you need to do it google the term and you can read about how real it is. Teacher burnout happens to the best of us working in the best of conditions. It happens because teaching takes a lot out of us. It takes physical strength, circling a room, holding off using the restroom, standing, bending, and don’t get me started on the germ warfare your body goes through each and every work day year after year. It takes from us emotionally. You care about each one of those precious lives. You cry in your car on the way home because of the stories they shared, or the fear that they are not going to catch up to their peers socially or academically. You have bouts of anger and frustration when the students decide they would like to control the table group, the classroom, and sometimes you. And finally, spiritually - you invest in their hopes and dreams. You worry it’s not enough. You are always reading and researching the next best thing. We as teachers do this every day, 180ish days a year, for years. You are your toughest critic. But the good moments and the breaks for holidays give you just enough recharge to keep going.

Then another outside factor finds its way into your career, building, and classroom. Your department of education, a hired consulting firm, or district “coaching” team arrive to add a new stressor, their hard line and sense of “urgency” that they fail to recognize you already had. Now the times during which you doubt yourself, there is a person or group who says you should doubt yourself. Piece by piece, instead of building you up, they are tearing you down. They think if they pressure you enough you’ll  "grow" and so will your students. They pressure you so that you’ll pressure the students. They bully you into compliance so that you in turn will bully the students into compliance, and eventually,  there are not enough good moments to recharge. They use double speak so that you begin to fear for your job. They create impossible deadlines so you’ll kill yourself trying to make it and in return you might have a little less time for the students. Something they will see and cite as to why your school or practices need their input and assistance. In essence they kill the teacher in you and the spirit that kept you together through all the other stressors until you leave, and then they can replace you with someone who they think will be the magician that you were not. You leave, not willingly, but out of self preservation for your physical and emotional well-being. We call it burnout. But the source of the burn is not the students, the work or the calendar. It is the people who think they know how to “fix” you and your school. When all they need to do is look at what is best for the students, school, and teachers. It is not pressure and threats or compliance. It is meeting our physical and emotional needs and respecting us.

In a turnaround situation where one is being gaslighted, as Tanis described above, eventually you get to a point where a decision must be made - you stay - or you go.  And if you stay, in some way your spirit, your identity, your being shifts - it is difficult to walk with a light step in this environment . Maybe your step becomes more determined, maybe slower, maybe you step out - for good. 

I am sure that there are many folks out there who would add a new dimension, a new twist, or example, to my description of gaslighting - google gaslighting to see the varied experiences and stages that are shared.  Feel free to leave a comment sharing your experience.

Bottom line is that in a turnaround school the end goal is to destroy what you know to be true  - the end goal is to shift and transform the reality in order to meet the goals of the policy makers who know nothing about children.  The goals of the policy makers are hollow and weak - they want to increase test scores.  Yet, these policies embody something much bigger, much more egregious than anyone wishes to acknowledge in mainstream media. Standardized test scores are rooted in the eugenics movement, where they ranked, sorted and ordered individuals using standardized tests to confirm that certain races were smarter and better - standardized tests today remain as a strong hold to keep the privilege privileged. It's important to understand this history and keep it in the forefront of your mind when every last god forsaken mandate attempts to tell you otherwise.   Karen Lewis explains it very well here .  As policies continue to enforce a reality that is untrue (standardized test scores have value) it becomes essential for everyone under those policies to continue to pay homage to the policies if indeed this reality is to be believed by the public and continue to generate profit and power for the privileged.  The reality is that providing children with nutrition, healthcare, and books, while also providing adults with a living wage, would allow our public schools and our democracy  to thrive.  

Under ESSA, these punitive measures will continue.  There will be no relief from testing, in actuality, there will be more testing  - but that's for another blog post.  Turnaround schools will still exist, and the only way to shut down gaslighting is to educate and to refuse the tests.  Until then, this false reality will continue to be pushed forward by policy makers.  And policy makers will continue to push out true, experienced educators with teaching degrees in order to bring in fake (TFA, Relay) teachers who are willing to comply, believe the propaganda, and support the process of ranking, sorting and ordering America's children.

If you are being gaslighted, the best way to shut it down is to educate.  It isn't easy to watch the transformation of a school filled with teachers and children shift  to a model of education that lacks democracy, humanity, and truth.  If it were easy, we wouldn't be human. Keep being human. 


  1. This is the quintessence of living a surrealistic nightmare.

  2. Amazing piece. This MUST go out as widely as possible. I've never read anything that captures the process and the pathology so ACCURATELY and COMPASSIONATELY. I am SORRY this had to happy to Peggy or to any authentic teacher. But I have experienced it and witnessed it and it IS SO. Now we MUST put a stop to it nationwide.

  3. The term gaslight comes from the excellent 1944 film "Gaslight". It is about an individual and it is not about education, but if corporate education reform has you thinking you are crazy, watch this film.

  4. Our school was one of the lowest 60 in the city regarding test scores and we were put into a "reconstitution district". Despite our scores, we were a shining jewel in the 90% poverty level area that was West Philly. You could enter our building and FEEL the welcoming atmosphere and caring teachers and principal. If you attended grade group meetings, you'd hear the concern for our students and be impressed with how we implemented various strategies for learning. We were able to keep our staff, and got all kinds of wonderful help - a vice principal, an assigned substitute teacher, all new reading and math books, science books, social studies books, reduced class sizes in the primary grades, all day kindergarten, release time for monthly PD during school hours, and instructional coaches for reading and math. The only thing that we didn't like were the walk-throughs by the school district honchos who had never taught or had been out of the classroom for decades. They hadn't a clue, giving contradictory "recommendations" from one year to the next. We did what they asked only to be told the following year that we were doing it wrong. Despite the walk-throughs, we flourished and were able to make Adequate Yearly Progress within three years. What was our reward? Removal of all the extras we had received, and a "Good luck!" parting shot.

    Against all odds we were able to make AYP for 3 out of the next 6 years until the district began downsizing and increasing class sizes and decreasing services. Extra help classes were eliminated, book and supplies budgets decimated, counselors and nurses were let go and not rehired, classroom assistants were eliminated. New edicts were handed down and yet they STILL expect all the kids to be above average, despite the 90% poverty level at many schools.
    Now the state wants to close the lowest 5% of the schools. Guess where those schools are? In Philly, where the last 5 years have seen draconian budgets and decimated personnel. They don't give us any money but expect us to make AYP. They will be the turnaround schools.

    The district has now contracted with Mastery Charter School for PD to teach us "the right way" for our "scholars." It's a crock. I hope we go down fighting. I don't have to worry, I left due to stress-related medical issues. Good luck!

  5. This approach is a form of psychological warfare-break them down, and build them back up again; with the right mindset. It is not only dastardly, it is harmful to those who are subject to this mental torture and abuse.

  6. The only way we will stop this is to get rid of the leadership at the top that is causing it and elect a leadership that supports the public schools and ends this testing madness.

  7. This may be entirely "too much" but if you want to understand the specific demented state connected with "gaslighting" you need to watch the movie, "Gaslight", with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer, from which the process gets its name and full cinematic treatment.

  8. Seems somewhere in the history of insurgent movements there must be a way to operate within the insanity of the gas reformers and use their gas on them. I sure as hell can't articulate it but it seems insurgency is about all we have left. Union "leadership" if not working with and for the reformers seems to have no ideas on supporting rank and file. Truly devious stuff.

  9. This was so accurately familiar that it was almost difficult to read. I feel like Peg just penned an autobiographical account of my last 5 years as a teacher. Two of those 5 years have been on medical leave... Complicity just doesn't agree with me.

  10. Thank you so much much for this powerful and honest piece.

    It's time for unity, healing, and mass resistance. I would love to partner with all of you.

  11. Darling, where's that necklace I bought you?

    The game is rigged. Changing the leadership won't help. Changing the game will. In the movie Gaslight, the game might be called. Male Dominance. Ingrid's victimization is a result of her enmeshment in that game. The same can be said for Charles Boyer predation.
    It would be fun to re-wite that movie with a more informed Ingrid. She might tell him what to do with the necklace! He would not own her thoughts and emotions. What would he do? As soon as we slay the test score God. Teachers will not be owned by them. They will need a new Daddy.

  12. Thanks for writing this - very powerful. If it helps to hear it one more time, you're not the crazy one. They are. Or, rather, just plain evil.

  13. WOW! Thank you for putting what we all feel into the perfect words!

  14. Thank you for this post: it articulates what many teachers, not just ones in "failing" schools, experience daily thanks to the attacks labeled "education reform."

  15. Peg
    Great description
    Schools are a reflection of our society
    A mirror of values and priorities
    The toxicity of corrupt business and political
    Leaders like Donald Trump and his winners and losers biew of the world if not destroyed will lead to continued gas lighting as it ultimately did in Nazi Germany and other fascist societies. people were afraid to speak out lose their jobs or jeopardize their own own positions
    First they came for the teachers but I was not a teacher...
    The toxic poison Unleashed by nclb and 40 years of destructive economic policies is everywhere

    Everyone in every job
    Every worker is being gaslighted
    Every American not part of the 1 percent
    It's not just teachers

  16. "The truth is that such corporate educational reforms are movements in the very wrong direction. The ever-streamlining corporate culture that is more concerned with net earnings than anything else is not well-suited in that the corporate culture is not well versed on genuine education matters. It is too narrowly focused on accruing wealth, and it is hopelessly attempting to make a uniform product out of very different types of people in a technological society that continues to create mash-up societies on the spot. Corporate education reformers dramatically reduce the variables that make a quality education." LGA

  17. Absolutely en pointe this piece is. The quality of work life for teachers has taken a nosedive from where one would think one couldn't go any lower.

    Suicides among teachers has risen as well as depression and other negative mental and physical maladies.

    The results of AFT/BATs Survey of April 2015 showed evidence of widespread teacher suffering under this corporate fascist regime, as you so aptly put.

    The thing that hurts the most is the Corporate fascists have hijacked the conversation so much that even with the persecution of teachers, the deliberate dismantling of public education in a so-called Democratic Republic, NOBODY cares!

  18. Like Charles Boyer in Gaslight, the motivation is greed.

  19. Also, like Gaslight, the crime occurred decades ago with her mother's murder. In American education the first killer of teacher reality was Rockefeller, the second, Gates. The locket is the praise given for test scores. She cannot find it because it is a shell game. It keeps being moved around.

  20. I would like to re- shoot this movie. With Peggy Robertson as Ingrid (take no prisoners) Bergman.

  21. Barry Lane, I didn't realize that Rockefeller was the prototype for Gates. Thanks.

    1913: Frederick T. Gates, Director of Charity for the Rockefeller Foundation, Writes “In our dream…the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hand:

    …we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or of science. We are not to raise up among them authors, orators, poets, or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians. Nor will we cherish even the humbler ambition to raise up from among them lawyers, doctors, preachers, statesmen, of whom we now have ample supply

    The General Education Board was not interested in encouraging critical thinking. Rather, its focus was on organizing children and creating reliable, predictable, obedient citizens. As award-winning former teacher John Gatto puts it, “school was looked upon from the first part of the 20th Century as a branch of industry and a tool of governance.” The Rockefellers, along with other financial elite and their philanthropic organizations (such as the Gates, Carnegies, and Vanderbilts) have been able to mold society by funding and pushing compulsory state schooling for the masses.

    The Origin of Compulsory Schooling | Article

  22. While reading this, I was struck by how similar the tactics are to those being used in Los Angeles. No detail now, because it's the middle of the night here & I need to get some sleep so that I can ring in the New Year with Dead & Co.

    In the meantime, I thank you for the writing, and especially for the courage it took to publish this. Not all of us in similar circumstances have felt safe enough to speak publicly, or even freely in private. But this just plays into Their hands. More of us need to communicate what really is going on in our schools and school systems.

    So I will share this on all my social networks, and I intend to reactivate a long-dormant blog. Then my writing can be another of the "thousand points of light" revealing the truth and illuminating the path toward a more fair, equitable, just, and humane system of education that genuinely puts students' needs at the forefront of our collective effort.

  23. Great piece. Thanks for putting the time into this well written article. Sharing out.

  24. I am sending this to my English blogging pal. They need to know what's in store for them.

  25. Wonderful analysis. Thanks, Peg. I've shared this on Facebook. I urge all who care to keep getting the word out--to parents, administrators, students, and policy makers who may one day see the corporate reform efforts to privatize public education for what it is. An attack on our democratic educational system.

  26. Thank you for this post. I've been in Lawrence, MA for 2 1/2 years, and this describes my experience perfectly. Data. Data. Data. Testing. Testing. Testing. I left one school where, as I explained to the charter school director, that had taken charge of the public "turnaround" school in which I was employed, "I can't continue to be paid to do to other people's children what I would never allow anyone to do to my own." I see propaganda videos from Uncommon Schools and all I can think of are North Korean soldiers...

  27. This made me cry, because I've lived it and never heard it described so accurately or eloquently. I've worked at a "turn around school" for 4 years and have experienced all of this first hand. There comes a point that you literally start doubting your sanity because it seems like you're the only one that sees how insane everything is around you. But I've stayed for my kids, because everyone has left them and they deserve better. But I can't blame any teacher for leaving ever as it literally can ruin your life...

  28. We live in a sad society.
    that is the advice
    which falls
    drop by drop,
    from the overhanging

    - Victor Hugo, Les Mis
    Thank you for pointing me here Howard, it's hugely appreciated.

  29. I have seen gossip, gaslighting and miscommunication become extremely problematic for teachers in education lately. This negative behavior seems to have resulted in the changes that have taken place with the leadership model over the past 8 years. Unfortunately the current leadership model seems to creates division, displaces children as top priority and has created a system of communication where much is lost in translation. The current team leader model makes it hard to suggest opinions without backlash.
    After teaching for 20 years in elementary education, I have seen positive and negative changes take place. I have seen the pendulum swing back and forth, mandates come and go. I have witnessed struggles and growth. Of all the changes, I find the model that has been least effective to education is the team leader model accepted by most districts. I say this as a teacher who has been leader on and off the teams so I view it from both sides. Before the team model, the entire school was a team, all were leaders. We were friends across the grades, we lunched as one team, our team was our school, each equal members. Our goal was to improve our school for children. Grade levels would meet and discuss plans. There was not one chosen leader, all were leaders, voices were equal, and conversation were natural as the politics of the meeting were not predominant, rather the problems occurring in the classroom at that moment.
    Team models where there is one leader automatically create division. Pecking order is established, survival is the goal rather than the issues in the classrooms. Becoming friends with the leader so you have a voice is the underlying concern. Rather than focusing on problems at hand, there is a natural propensity to constantly speak in a manner that will be well perceived by the leader who then has discussions with the coach and principal. This is not always the case because there is the occasional team that works, however it is a shot in the dark where we assume positive intentions at all times from every member, there is no flexibility there.
    This system automatically takes away transparency. The team members can’t be transparent, and the leader must speak in a way that is acceptable to the administration. This is a system where control is not in the hands of the teachers. The leadership meetings become a place where conversations are had in privacy and only the chosen are invited. We need to go back where meetings are had as one team, where all are invited. As it stands the concern of what is happening to the school that used to funnel through a unified system has been replaced and thrust through a bureaucratic machine no better than an elaborate creation of Rube Goldberg. With the past team model, all were team leaders, the conversations, leadership and objectivity were organic and student driven. On given days, different members lead due to natural changes, good days, good plans and organic dynamics that could be called into action depending on the situation.
    Schools need to return to the traditional team model where we are trusted to discuss topics we see as problematic. The micro management must be removed so we can see what is happening in our own classrooms at the moment instead of being forced to be bobble heads in survival mode. Our power as teachers has been diminished through this current model I am afraid. We are gaslighting each other because we are in survival mode as opposed to being trusted to be the professionals we were trained to be. We need to call this for what it is and work towards a system that gives all voice and respect so that we can once again return to the immediate needs at hand, see each other as supporters rather than adversaries and become the actual teams we were without feeling oppressed or resentful. Veteran teachers and new teachers must have equal voice as it used to be and problems should be taken to one person, the administrator, so we are no longer playing a game of telephone but actually addressing the needs of our students.