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Have you heard men complaining that their wives no longer prioritize sex as before? And more so after the kids? Many couples grow cold as they grow old in marriage. While others can still find time to enjoy sex in the midst of their busy and struggling life schedules. So what is the secret? Read on

Things You Can Do to Improve Your Sex Life

Improve on Communication

people in love, making outWe can only understand and know the other person through communication. Make it a habit of telling each other what you feel on a daily basis. This is the person you should be telling your deepest desires, likes and dislikes, so do it. You can go ahead and ask them what they like. Couples with effective communication skills are among the ones with the most explosive and erotic relationships.

Do Not Easily Believe Bragging Guys

Have you ever heard men talk about sex? They mostly exaggerate their experiences to make themselves look better and strong in front of their friends. If you never have things like that before, it might make you feel less of man. To avoid the negative impact of such people, it is best if you stay away from them and concentrate on improving your life. Most of them are telling lies.

Sex Is Never Perfect

This is something that must sink in the head of many people around. Never compare your sex life with what you see on porn. Those are paid guys on drugs and will do anything to keep their job. One thing with porn is that it makes other men feel too small. Another misconception that comes from watching porn is that we should always be ready for sex and certain moves should work on all women. Sex experts say that porn can be used to inspire you to do more but never take what you saw on porn home.

Physical Sensations

sex positionHave you ever done sex without expectations or planning events? It is the best sex. Let things flow naturally. Some men are always worried because they are not sure of their performance. Worry makes you the worst performer because you will be trying so hard to prove yourself, but you will end up clumsy at the end of the day. To achieve the best of best orgasm, focus on pleasurable sensations. Let her body signals lead you to where it pleasures the most.