How Couples Can Spice Sex With Sex Toys

When the relationship is new, there is passionate lovemaking, and each partner looks forward to that time when they will make each other go bonkers with unimaginable pleasure. Unfortunately, after some time together, heightened familiarity and other things coming in the way, and the sex becomes more of a routine, a chore, and so predictable.

The good news is that the fire can be rekindled through date nights, dressing for each other, and most effectively by introducing sex toys like Lovense toy in the relationship. And if you are wondering how the toys can spice your love life, let’s look at the various ways they can come in handy.

Can Lead to More Enjoyable Sex

more enjoyable sexIf both partners are adventurous and comfortable with sex toys, their lovemaking can likely get better with introducing sex toys. Bringing props and toys in bed will add a little more intimacy, which can improve things, gradually making the fire come back. Sex toys make lovemaking more fun and exciting and make the couple try new things.

From a 2016 study, it is clear that couples who add sex toys to their bedroom business, besides trying sexual acts, mood-setting, and having better sexual communication, have higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

Can Enhance Foreplay

a couple using a toyPartners can creatively employ sex toys in their foreplay to enhance and lead to more intense orgasms. A good example is using a vibrator for clitoral stimulation as a partner performs oral sex on her. The combination of the acts will leave her gasping with pleasure. Using a vibrator on a man’s ball while performing fellatio on him can also make him freak out with enjoyment.

Besides foreplay, sex toys can come in handy for those with various issues; for example, men with erecting problems can find cock rings very useful. Such men will not have the excess pleasure to perform and therefore achieve better orgasms. Also, women who do not climax from penetration alone without clitoral stimulation will benefit from toys greatly.

Can Help to Find Out Erogenous Zones

Besides the apparent pleasure points, there are other points that could make the partners realize more fulfillment and pleasure from the sex. Unfortunately, due to partners not exploring each other or themselves, they may not have found these areas. The good news is that using sex toys on each other and yourself can help you discover some places of your body that can bring you more pleasure, such as men’s scrotum.…